About Peach Pilates

Our studio in Bend, Oregon knows that Pilates is beneficial for every age, body type, and level of fitness.

What’s more; if you ride the trails or the roads, play the courses or the courts, your performance will greatly improve and injury potential minimized.

Pilates is intelligent movement using body mechanics. There are over 500 exercises that use these six principles: breath, concentration, control, center, flow, and precision.

Integration of these fundamentals are the springboard for progression.


Meet the Staff

Owners/ Instructors

Lynn Dalquist
Bend, Oregon

From Bend, Lynn was also trained and certified at Peak Pilates. Lynn was a professional tennis coach when she was led to Pilates due to an injury. She believes Pilates prolonged her tennis career and changed her life. Lynn taught and played tennis throughout the United States and enjoys working with her students to inspire and change lives.

Julie Watts
Bend, Oregon

Julie has a BA in Communications from the University of California at San Diego. Julie went on to pursue a nursing degree while raising her 3 boys; however, was side tracked after moving to Bend nine years ago. Julie introduced herself to Pilates in Bend and practiced for the 3 years before being trained and certified with Stott Pilates which offers a contemporary approach to the practice.

For more information on our instructors, feel free to contact us.