Peach Pilates knows that Pilates is beneficial for every age, body type, and level of fitness.

We offer a variety of Pilates Mat and Equipment classes as well as Yoga.

For more information on our Pilates classes in Bend, Oregon, feel free to contact us.

Equipment Classes

Power Pilates / Cardio Jump Board

Get ready to build your muscular and cardiovascular strength. Burn calories and strengthen your heart in a short period of time. This class begins with high intensity jump transitioning into Pilates reformer exercises to focus on core strength and back integrity.


This class is full-on strengthening and lengthening with spring resistance. If you like the Cadillac, you will love the Trap Table!

Reform your Form

The Reformer is the apparatus designed to develop strength, length, balance, and flexibility. The resistance of the springs will create a stronger core, tone the arms and legs.

Interested? See us for more information on Equipment classes in Bend!