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Effective Friday, August 13, 2021, Peach Pilates will require all employees and clients regardless of vaccination status to wear face coverings when in the studio.  Face coverings can include face masks and/or face shields.  If you didn’t bring a face covering, we will be happy to provide you a disposable face mask or you can purchase a cloth Peach Pilates facemask at our studio.

Thank you for your compliance and for keeping our community safe.

How can pilates help you?


Golfers: Improve balance, rotation, strength, and flexibility.


Tennis players: Improve agility, balance, shoulder alignment, and strength in your swing.


Climbers: Improve core strength and muscle development. Make your cross moves more efficient.


Hikers: Improve footing, posture, breathing, and strength by lengthening your core and back.


Skiers: Improve body strength, core, and develop a more solid mind/ body relationship.


Bikers: Improve posture, technical skill, and breathing through mind and body awareness.


Runners: Improve posture, breathing, and balance. Get a more solid core and better body alignment.