Peach Pilates Resumes Group Classes on June 1st

We are pleased to announce our reopening and cannot wait to see you. We have made some changes within the studio and are excited for everyone to return to our newly updated space!

Please know that your health and safety comes first and it is incredibly important to us that you feel comfortable, so we have made a few changes to our policies and procedures for the safety and well being of our clients, staff and overall within the studio.

In preparation for our reopening, we kindly ask that our clients review the policies here to help us create and maintain the safest environment possible!

How can pilates help you?

Golfers: Improve balance, rotation, strength, and flexibility.
Tennis players: Improve agility, balance, shoulder alignment, and strength in your swing.
Climbers: Improve core strength and muscle development. Make your cross moves more efficient.
Hikers: Improve footing, posture, breathing, and strength by lengthening your core and back.
Skiers: Improve body strength, core, and develop a more solid mind/ body relationship.
Bikers: Improve posture, technical skill, and breathing through mind and body awareness.
Runners: Improve posture, breathing, and balance. Get a more solid core and better body alignment.