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Peach Pilates + More


• We have rearranged our studio and all the Reformers are now at least 6 feet apart.

• There will be a reduced amount of people during classes and within the studio to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

• Upon arrival, please come inside while maintaining social distance between yourself and others. If the inner door is closed please wait outside or in the foyer. We plan to keep the doors open (weather permitting) to allow good ventilation and avoid excess use of door handles.

• Face coverings are required while attending classes or private sessions in our studio. We are offering fabric face masks for sale for your convenience or you may bring your own face covering.

• We ask that you kindly sanitize your hands before entering the studio as well as before and after class. We have hand sanitizer available for your convenience.

• We ask that our clients wipe down their reformer and all props before and after every class. 

• All props and accessories will be assigned to one reformer each. We do not allow the sharing or switching of any of these props. You can also take the class prop-free if that is your preference.

• We also ask that clients change their own springs during class, with exception of those with physical limitations.

• As a safety precaution, we will no longer provide communal water. Please bring your own water bottle.

• Please minimize the number of personal items you bring with you into the studio (keys, phone, wallet, and water).

• We will continue our dedicated sanitation efforts before and after every class.

• Our staff will maintain the cleanliness of all high contact surfaces throughout the day.

• Always practice social distancing within the studio! Listen to your body and stay home if you feel unwell.