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I have enjoyed my time at Peach Pilates more than I can say. Thanks for creating a healthy environment where we can all get stronger even as we age. – Linda B.

Julia is the perfect Pilates teacher; kind, interested, informed and enthusiastic. She helped me deal with fragile bones, a right knee with issues, and an injured left knee after a bike fall. I feel healthy, trim and fit. – Patti B.

I have been practicing Pilates for 13 years here in Bend. Peach Pilates is the third studio I’ve tried and is, by far, the best. The ambiance is pleasant, the studio is clean, and the equipment is first-rate.

The instructors are friendly and well-trained. They are knowledgeable about the physical challenges facing older students and are careful and precise with instructions to provide a good workout while minimizing stresses on older spines and joints. At 73, I’m in better shape – stronger and more flexible – than I was at 60! – Jo C.

I used to think Pilates was intended only for young, super fit people. But I discovered that a good Pilates teacher, like the ones at Peach, individualizes her instruction to fit the ability level of each student.

For years I had to force myself to go to the gym, dreading the noisy, crowded atmosphere. But I look forward to my classes at Peach, knowing they will be a highlight of my day. And my body always feels better leaving the class than entering. – Carol K.

I started doing Pilates with Lynn Dalquist in April of 2016. I was almost 69 years old and had never done much exercise. Lynn was and is very encouraging in all sessions. Even when what she is asking seems impossible I find a way to do it with her encouragement. I have continued with Lynn and will continue going to keep my body strong as I get older. – Marilyn B.

About a year ago, my wife encouraged me to try Pilates at Peach Pilates in Bend Oregon. I was 75 years old, and had recently quit practicing Asian Martial arts after over 50 years of study, as it was obvious that I could no longer perform as I used to.

I was pleased to find that while Pilates was challenging in ways that surprised me, it was also fun and rewarding. Especially helpful with balance issues that I was beginning to experience and with flexibility issues. Pilates was also working on muscle groups that had been mostly neglected in my previous workouts.

In addition, the staff at Peach Pilates if very knowledgeable, positive, supportive and encouraging and demonstrating a sense of humor and fun (so different from the Asian style of training I was used to).

I highly recommend Peach Pilates to anyone who is wanting to work balance, flexibility and core strength in a supportive and pleasant environment. – Tim P.

The first time I tried Pilates at Peach Pilates, I knew it was the exercise for me! It is easy to do, yet also challenging. I feel like I am maintaining flexibility and strength, and also that I’ve gained much more core strength as well. This is a full body workout, and Julia’s coaching is always helpful. She is a good-natured and helpful person, and it is a real pleasure to work with her. – Linda E.

Lynn is fantastic! I never want my sessions to end! Very kind and patient. – Victor M.

I am stronger and move better than ever before with Pilates. I was told I had poor posture for most of my life. Now I am asked if I’ve always been this tall?”Jaime A.

68 and overweight. Having had two open hear surgeries in the past few years and never being a workout guy my cardiologist was very candid with me that I needed to exercise, period. That exercise was more important then the meds I have been taking. So I joined a gym and started a 5-6 day a week cardio and weight regiment.

After a few weeks of workouts I was always stiff and sore. My wife took me to Peach Pilates in Bend. I have been doing my daily program at the gym and weekly Pilates sessions with Julia at Peach Pilates. I can’t say enough about the transformation I am going through under her guidance. First off the Studio is clean and comfortable and wonderfully appointed with great equipment. I felt awkward and bit overwhelmed at first but was made to feel welcome. During the first few weeks Julia made sure I was comfortable with the equipment, customized my sessions based on my aches and pains and need areas such as my core, stretching, balance and proper breathing.

Thanks to Julia, I am well on my way to having a stronger, healthier and more flexible life. – Paul R.